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Squat and vacant property clearance

When unwanted tenants or squatters are evicted from your residential or commercial property the vacated premises are usually left in an unusable state littered with potentially dangerous waste and damage.

We can provide a deep clean service tailored to the requirements of the customer and can include interior windows, fridges and ovens.

Needle/sharps and drug paraphernalia

Extreme care should always be taken when clearing property where there has been suspicion of drug use particularly if there is evidence of hypodermics.  Disposing of needles in public litter bins or in household waste is extremely dangerous to other people and animals. We have the equipment and training to make sure these items are removed safely.

Extreme living conditions & overwhelming hoarding

Organising a clean of a hoarded property can be a very sensitive issue. Our team of clearance specialists work alongside any government agencies or specialists involved in the project to ensure a successful clearance.

Crime and trauma cleaning

Crime and Trauma Cleaning can cover a multitude of scenarios. We provide a professional but sensitive approach to clearing the problem whether it’s debris from a disturbance, clearing and disinfecting bodily fluid or any other trauma clearance

Biohazard waste cleansing and removal

In the unfortunate incidence of needing to deal with any human decomposition, speed is the key.  Our trained biohazard specialists will seal and isolate the area, making sure all fluids and waste are cleared, disinfected with medical grade chemicals and sealed accordingly.

Fire and smoke damage

The smoke from a fire can affect large areas of property not just at the immediate sight of the fire and the residue left in the property can be hazardous to health and soul destroying to try and clean. Take away the additional angst of this after a fire by using our professional cleaning service.